Training tournament – April – entries invited

The Chess Club is planning to run an open training tournament (most likely) on a Saturday in April in a local Dublin 15 hotel.

(We are hoping to finalise the precise date soon and this website notice will then be updated. )

You can indicate interest in the training day events by filling in the attached form. Full details of planned tournaments are shown below the following form.

ICU rated event – all day event

The training event will allow all our players who wish to obtain an Irish Chess Union rating to qualify for an official Rating. We will also hold a number of special talks and chess sessions throughout the day in good conditions. The main intention is to help our players to get used to long time control events.

This event will be limited to four sections of 6 players only, with invitations extended to those expressing interest on a strictly first come first served basis and especially where players wish to play in chess leagues representing the club.

Please express interest by completing the attached form as soon as possible.

Entries should be made as soon as possible and any payments are made on the day.

Note that the event will start at 10 am on Saturday xx April (to be confirmed shortly!). You will be contacted by email with further event and specific venue details. You can also check event event website for updates / details.

Rapid events

We are also aware that some of our players will be busy either in the morning or afternoon. Although you cannot get a ICU rating from RAPID events, we have decided to arrange some events to ensure that payers who are only available for part of the day can participate in the training day.

Rapid events are similar to LCU Grand Prix events and use a 15 minute time control.

These will start at either 10am or 2pm and you can choose which suits you best and indicate this on your completed entry form.

Next steps

Please enter the tournament!

All competitors will be contacted by email with updates as information on venue becomes available.

The event website will also carry details of players who have entered. You can actually look up who you are playing (and what colour you will have) to allow you to prepare in the days before the event.


Any queries to John Delaney 0862625878.



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