Bunratty Final.

Mark Cummins

Hail ……………to our near or far away conquering heroes.

The Magical Bunratty tournament ended yesterday and is notable for some good performances from our members………..one or two at least, or at most, depending what way you want to swing the pendulum. The Minors saw Mark score 5/6, finish joint 3rd, and win a grading prize….despite ? playing under his rating?? Well done Mark…good work. Maciej and Matthew both scored 3.5/6, a good showing from both of the youngsters and perhaps the O’Hanlon team Captain will be getting in touch with you shortly. (ps)……..he was down there so he may have already spoken with you. Phyllis won her last 2 games and earned a 3-2 points win over her husband Eid….who will be doing the washing up for the week. Padraig scored 2/5.

The Challengers ended with Rudy in a tie for 8th place and 4/6. Danny scored a respectable 3/6 with Luke and Marius gaining 2/6.

Anthony Bourached did not receive a grading prize yet performed way over his rating….about 300+ points over, and scored 3/6 against all the Masters, which should qualify him for an FM norm at least….or not, as the case may be. How they work all this out is as confusing as can be at times.

It’s nice to record some goodish news, at least, and perhaps, I’ll skip doing a match preview v Ruy Lopez considering the “the Arsenal” effect of commitment & desire…….at least their players get paid thousands to be totally disinterested.

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