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Our club has a junior and senior section, and for the 2022/23 season, the junior and senior parts of the club will meet at the same venue: Mountview Fortlawn Community and Sports Hub in Blanchardstown.

Junior Club Meet on Saturdays from 2:30pm until 4.00pm each week, except Bank holiday weekends. (September to June). Often at these meetings there are organised short 5 min blitz tournaments and/or coaching sessions.

Senior club generally meet Monday evenings from 7:30pm at Hansfield Educate Together Primary School.


Our junior club is suitable for all ages from 7 to 18.  Lots of club events and chess coaching are a feature of our week to week activities. We play as a club in Leinster Junior leagues and many of our players also play in the Irish Youth championships and other competitions. We train and are coached for these events in our club. We do see our junior club as a place for making lots of new friends, with chess as the setting!

Parents: please feel free to drop in and see if chess as a competitive sport is of interest to your child and if our club will suit them. You will find a warm welcome and a wide range of players all ages!

Our Senior club directed towards adults and juniors over 12 years of age. Of course, we are all ambitious in our chess, and we seek to pursue individual and team success both in Irish tournaments and abroad. We see the sport as a challenge and enjoyable in the club setting. But we are also happy to be a part of a chess community and to pass the love of the game on to others. The overall club philosophy is that the club exists as a place to make friends (across the country as you play others also) with chess as the enjoyable and somewhat challenging setting!

We have 2 teams playing in the Leinster Championships this coming season in Div 2 Heidenfeld Cup and Div 5 BEA North. We will enter juniors team into the Mick Germaine cup (expected in December). We have an active coaching and mutual helping programme, informally organised between ourselves.We are actively looking for new members.


  1. I’m part of the Trinity chess team due to play one of your teams in the Bodley cup on the 29th of September, I couldn’t find any e mail on your site so a, using this instead, apologies. I’m just wondering if your team is ready to play or if you would rather delay the game

  2. Hello, my name is Alan Brady.

    I am keen to get playing the game of chess on a serious note, yet I only started playing it (aside from as a child) three weeks ago so am a COMPLETE NOVICE!!!!!!!!

    Anyhow, I am just inquiring do you have a section for beginners or is the club completely for advanced players?

    If you could reply to me asap I would be much obliged,



    • Hi Alan;
      There’s a mix of players of all levels. I only starting playing myself about 4 years ago when my son joined the club.
      There are a few other beginner adults in the club.
      The senior club usually revolves around the LCU teams but we do have a club night on a Wednesday when we’ve no competitive matches.
      Check before you drop down in case there’s a match on,
      John Comey.

  3. Hi John,
    me and my husband are new to Chess and have introduced our daughter to this wonderful game as well and she loves it!
    I would be interested to send her down to the Club and try.
    Is there a chance to have a trial class before joining?
    She is 10 years old.

    Kind Regards!

    • Paola;
      Your daughter would be very welcome. We encourage people to come down for a couple of weeks first to try out the club first before they join.
      We are actively trying to get more girls into the club, so if she does join the membership fee will be only €5.

    • Hi Li,
      Club membership can be paid online on our membership page. To register attendance before each saturday click on the Register Now orange button on our front page.

    • Hi Li
      The club runs from September to June. Also note we have moved from Mountview to Scoul Bhrida in Blanchardstown village, behind the church.

  4. Hi My daughter (13) & son (14) would be interested in joining.Is it OK for them to come along this Saturday to try out the junior club?

    • Hi Gemma,
      Your kids are very welcome. The Junior Club starts this Saturday, 9th of September. Dont forget to register attendance in advance via this website. Thanks!

    • Hi Emeka,
      The Junior Club starts this Saturday, 9th of September. Dont forget to register attendance in advance via this website. Thanks!

  5. Hi , my son is 6 year old and is very much interested in learning chess. He does know some basic. Can we come next Saturdy at 4 pm and see how it goes.

    • Hi Grace,
      We’re currently meeting on Saturdays at 3pm (til 4.15/4.30) in Blakestown Community Resource Centre. Your child can try it out for 1-2 weeks to see if they like it, and then you can register them as a member for the year Sept-June on our website.
      If you’ve any other question let me know.

  6. Hi,
    My daughter would love to join the junior chess club however she wont be 7 until August. Will we have to wait until then to allow her to take part?

  7. Is the competition, lcu final grand Prix event end of June open for anyone to enter or do you need to be a member of your club or live locally?

  8. Hi,
    When is the Junior Chess on Saturday back on?
    Do I need to register attendance for my child in advance (link not going to live page on site) for her first visit?
    Thank you.

  9. Hi,
    When is the Junior Chess on Saturday back on?
    Do I need to register attendance for my daughter in advance (link not going to live page on site) for her first visit?
    Thank you.

  10. Hi, my son in interested in learning to play chess.

    What date does the Junior level start back in September?



  11. Good afternoon, I have have 2 children, a boy almost 10 and a girl 8 who are both interested in learning chess. My husband was going to take them up this Saturday to try your club out. Do they need to register for this? Can you please confirm time also?

    • Hi Maeve,

      No need to register in advance. Just bring your children and let them to try. You can only register after they feel comfortable to attend regularly.

      Club will start 4:00pm Saturday. The location is Coolmine Community School. You can find it by google map.



  12. Hi All,

    My son age 12 is interested in playing & learning chess! Could you let us know what time the session will start Saturday 14th September 2019? And could you also confirm the address please?

    Many thanks

  13. Could adm please send me details about the Zoom on line classes. My daughter is a junior member but we received no notifications about the classes until I looked the website

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