Membership for the 2023/2024 Season

Registration for the 2023/24 season is now due and you can do so by filling in this membership form. Membership fees must be paid during the month of September for all existing members and those interested in joining the club.


The normal club meeting arrangements:

Junior Club

Junior club sessions will take place between 2:30 pm-4:00 pm every Saturday, starting September in 2023.

Face-to-face meetings are being planned to restart in late September 2023. Before coming to the Saturday Junior Club, you need to indicate your child’s intention to attend in order to allow for appropriate planning and preparation for each session via the “Register Junior attendance” link on our website. (This will be operational once we have re-established our meetings, so a few weeks after we start to meet in September)

Parents are more than welcome to become Saturday volunteers for the purpose of helping the club run the Saturday sessions. You will be asked to help generally one but no more than two sessions per month and your help is really appreciated. If you would like to help please write us an email ( or let any of the volunteers know at the Saturday session when sessions restart. Note that Garda vetting via the club will be required.

Adult Club

The Adult Club meets on Mondays from 7:30 pm, in late September 2023.


 Schedule of membership types and fees

  • Junior membership (under 18) €45
  • Junior girl membership (under 18) €5
  • Family membership (children only) €70
  • Family membership (including adults) €90
  • Adult membership  € 90
  • Adult Unwaged or Retired discount €45

For registrations during Adult membership in the second half of the year (January to June), half fees will apply.

Membership payment exemptions are available in exceptional cases in order to ensure access to the sport for as many members as possible. To avail of this please contact Charles Eder (Treasurer).



  1. Hi,

    My son would like to join the club from this Saturday. Could you confirm if there is a session happening on Sat, 28th March ?

    Many Thanks
    Jibin Abraham.

    • Yes the club is meeting this Saturday (28th March). From 4pm till 5.30 in Mountview . That will be the last week before the Easter break. You’re more than welcome to come along and try the club out.

  2. My son likes playing chess could you let me know what day and time u meet and would it be ok to bring him down to see if he likes it.


    • Sorry Carmel, I missed your post. The junior club will be starting back on the 3rd of September He’s welcome to come along, but I feel he might be a bit old. There’s also teenager squad that meet less frequently that he might prefer, We haven’t confirmed when the teenagers will be back but it’ll probably be the following Saturday. I’ll send you an email when I know. John

  3. Hi, I filled out the membership form but couldn’t find a phone number to speak to someone about membership. what’s my next move? Thanks, declan .

  4. Hi
    I would like to join a chess club again. I used to play for Aer Lingus in the 70ies
    and took a severance payment from them on the 31 Dec 2015.
    I hope to drop down some Monday night before the end of March, I live in Carpentererstown.
    If all goes well I can sign up and pay and register on the night.

    Kind regards, Patrick

  5. I e-mailed earlier in the week looking for information about my 6 year old daughter joining. Can you let me know if this is possible.



    • Yes of course, it is if she has the basics of chess. All kids <7 the parent must stay for the entire time the child is there.

    • Hi
      Come along a Saturday the club is on and see if it works for you. Its best if your child has the basics and we have neginner videos posted on the website.

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