Important information if your child is attending Junior Chess Club on Saturdays

Dear parents, please read all of this important information about your child joining us for chess in our new venue:

*Club Membership*: Membership runs from September to June. Your child can try out the club for two weeks to see if they like it, and then they must become a member. Junior boys membership fee is €45 for the year, and junior girls is just €5 for the year. Click here to join the club now:

*Registering Attendance Each Saturday*: For every Saturday session that your child plans to attend you must register them in advance. This is to ensure we have enough volunteers to run the session, and enough equipment etc. Once your child becomes a club member we will add you to our WhatsApp group, and each week you’ll receive the link to register their attendance for the following Saturday. It’s important you do this, otherwise we may not be able to allow them to join in on the day. This is the link for weekly registration of attendance:

*The rules at our new venue*: Our venue hosts at Scoil Bhride have requested that we ask all parents to ensure their children do not run around the school grounds, that they enter and leave quickly and quietly, that they do not play on the basketball court or any other area, and that, in particular they do not climb on any of the fencing around the school. While in the hall they can only leave to use the toilet, and they must return to the hall immediately, and not trespass into any other area of the school.

*Session times – dropping and collecting your child*: Chess club begins promptly at 4pm, please arrive on time so that your child does not miss out on any chess games or tournaments. Registration takes a few minutes so please allow time for that. Please be at the hall at  to collect your child at 5.15.  Due to the nature of the games, some will finish at 5.15, and some may go on as late as 5.30. Please be there for when their chess games end and escort them to your car.

*Children aged under 8*: If your child is aged under 8 you must remain at on site with them for the duration of the chess session. Seating will be provided and if you’d like to volunteer as an occasional helper please speak to one of the committee while you are there.

*Parking at our new venue*: Free parking is available in the staff car park at the school. Drive straight in to the school and it’s the second gate on the left (just after the pedestrian entrance to the hall). Parking is pay-only in other areas in the vicinity and we are told you will be clamped if you do not pay, so please do use our free parking facilities.

We look forward to seeing you again at Chess Club.


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