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Danny finished strongly with 3.5/4 to complete the European Youth Championship with 5.5/9 and to share 28th place with about 12 others. Nevertheless, this was a fair performance from our young Clubmate, and he will be a useful addition to the Heidenfeld team led by Robert McLoughlin.

The Leinster league starts next week with the O’Hanlon team visiting Bray. Mark will finalise his team in the next couple of days, but it is much changed from last season’s Cup winning squad, as Sean, Robert & Gavin have moved up. Many will say that this will prove to be an insurmountable hurdle for the new members taking their place, but we are known for giving Youth their head, & this season will see a hungry young team eager to show their worth, apart from one Old guy!. Bray were relegated from this league last year, gained a reprieve, and on paper, this should be a very comfortable home win, but games are not won on paper.  The pressure is all on Bray to avoid a repeat of last year’s fate. On a more serious note, the Dinosaur is wondering if he will be Munchie-less or has Mark a secret stash hidden away? Watch this space!!

Robert takes his team to Lucan with early indications being a homespun squad; a far cry from last year’s selection issues and perhaps early consolidation will gave rise to a promotion push. Lucan will have their own agenda following a fairly successful season which saw them retain league status with ease.

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