Blanchardstown Chess Club Regathering

Registration of Attendance
Registration of Attendance

Junior Club

Blanchardstown Junior Chess Club will reopen at 7th September 2019, 4:00pm-5:30pm.

Address: Coolmine Community School, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Parents please register and pay the membership fee through the following page. If your child is new to the club, you can bring your child to the club to have a try before registration.

Here is more details about club membership:

Senior Club

The Blanchardstown Senior Club will be regularly gathering on Monday start from 7:30 pm. There will be more detailed schedule in the short future. If anybody is new and is interested in joining the Senior Club, please leave your contact in the comments of this page.

For Senior Club membership registration and fee payment:

Henry Liu

Club Secretary


  1. Hi Henry,

    I just post a wrong message on junior session. As actually I want my son to join the senior session! Just saw that we have missed Monday session, is it the class on every Monday at 7:30pm?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Lin,

      I would like to know if your son has any experience on chess before?

      Currently Senior session is for adult and senior young players (normally above 15 years old). The major activity in senior session is to attend Leinster Chess Union League (div 1 and div 4). div 1 is the highest level, div 4 is middle level. You can check the league here:

      On the other hand, the Junior session has regular gathering every Saturday afternoon 4:00pm-5:30pm. Location is Coolmine Community School. The major activity is to encourage children to play each other. There are short training from time to time. There will be one or two teams in Junior session to attend LCU league as well (div 6). Div 6 is entry level. The best two teams play in div 6 have chance to promote to div5. Any player showed great potential in div 6, is possible to be promoted to our club’s div 4 or even div 1 team. The players in div 6 are entitled to the squads, which will happen on Monday evening 7:30pm. It is a special training for serious chess playing.

      If you register membership for your son, he will be registered as junior member anyway. This doesn’t mean he cannot get involved in the activity in senior session.

      I suggest that you bring your son to the club on Saturday afternoon and have a look. If you want to know further detail about the LCU league game please send email to me

      And, 16th September Monday at 8:00 pm, there will be a tournament among the whole club, including junior and senior sessions. Our top players will give some talks after the tournament. You are welcome to join and to talk with those players.



    • Hi Catherine,
      Senior Club will be back at 10th Oct. It will be online coaching and tournament only. We will announce more details in the next few days. Henry

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