Snow Alert……..for us……….Communication Alert.

Candidates Berlin 2018

When the country is bracing itself for an all out severe snow alert, one of the Invisible Order of First teamers sent me a request to write & Congratulate the First team on a victory. First of all, I fell over…Communication at last…..then as we’re not used to victories in the O’Hanlon this year, a dictionary needed to be consulted before the writer understood the terminology of winning. Secondly….there were no further details of the score or anything else before the lines of Communication were suddenly cut,. with the sound of AAAArrrgggghhhhhh in the background. ..The only proof was a diagram of a half chessboard, with the white king absent. Clearly….the Curse of the BLACK McLoughlin’s is as potent today as ever it was…..The curse of Tutankamun pales into insignificance when compared to the Black McLoughlin Curse….no wonder all are silent!!!

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