Team Selections – update on player availability (for December 10th)

Dear Juniors

Please see updated lists of Mick Germaine team selections.

Some of our team players were not at the club this weekend and so we are not sure if they wish to take up their place on December 10th.

Therefore, for those marked “no information yet” below, can you please let me know as soon as possible if you think you will play on December 10th for your team?

Please note that coaches will need to rreorganise teams if four players from a squad are unvailable; we also need to confirm our team entries to the Leinster Chess Union this week So I would ask that you might let me know as soon as you can! Parents/Guardians can text me at 0862625878 or email to


John Delaney

Club coach




Selected players – no information yet. Please let club coaches know if you can play
Players Selected for  
Marco Blackwell Team BLACK
Seán Leahy Team BLACK
Dan Karsten Titus Team BLUE
Oisin Duffy Team BLUE
Patrick Langan Team BLUE
Sanjith Menon Team BLUE
Zimgi Chukwureh Team Indigo
Amiliena Bazkwoski Team Indigo
Finbarr Zhang Team Indigo
Thomas Gartlan Team Orange
Calvin Farrell Team Orange
Elliot Kelly Team Orange
James Prendeville Team Purple
Ada Marsh Team Purple
Aoife Laffan Team Purple
Aishling Lynch Team RED
Matthew Tiernan Team RED
Hamsini Kare Team Ramesh
Ryan Mathew Team Ramesh
Matei Morarean Team Violet
Ronn Mathew Team Violet
Tristan McIntosh Team Violet
Caitlin Dassanayake Team Yellow
Matvei Pascaru Team Yellow
Nika Kotliarova Team Yellow
Joshita Peruri Team Yellow
Jane Garvan Team McCann
Benjamin (Ben) McCann Team McCann
Jack McCann Team McCann
Mia McCann Team McCann
Players who have confirmed availability – thank you!
Alex Babin Team BLACK Yes
Andrew Harten Team BLACK Yes
Maciej Fijalkowski Team BLACK Yes
Jason Liu Team BLUE Yes
Derrick Lin Team Orange Yes
Matthew Quinn Team Orange Yes
Emily Ghukasyan Team Orange Yes
Conor Green Team Pink Yes
Arsen Hakhumyan Team Pink Yes
Sargis Ghukasyan Team Pink Yes
Carter Nolan Team Purple Yes
Daniel Quinn Team Purple Yes
Alex Ustyan Team Ramesh Yes
Daniel Borton Team RED Yes
Richard Laffan Team RED Yes
Tomasz Fijalkowski Team RED Yes
Matthew Grehan Team RED Yes
Christopher Gallery Team RED Yes
James Byrne Team Violet Yes
Aarav Jibin Abraham Team Yellow Yes
Oscar Narducci Team Yellow Yes
Players who are NOT available – thanks for letting us know, hope you can play next time (and if you find you can play, just come along on the day and we will try to squeeze you onto a Blanch team!!!)
Amelie Bell Team Indigo No
Euan Bell Team Pink No
Mark Grennan Team Pink No
Reuben Mathew Team Pink No
Pierce O’Rourke Team Violet No
Jack (new member) Team Yellow No


Note: apologies of there are any errors in the listing here. Do let me know!


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