Its a Mad Mad Mad ….Monday Night at the Club.

A rare excursion to the Club last Monday brought a myriad of scenarios both on and off the board. The young Bodley team were in action against an almost equally young St Benildus crew…minus one; The O’Hanlon team with Captain Mark and Andrew, another newcomer to the team following a late call-off were completing their match vs the University. Add in Gabor excitedly telling the Scribe all about the “Black” McLoughlins winning on Friday, …followed by John D relaying and delegating a Christmas matchday plan……..well, could it get any worse? Yes…it could!!

Firstly, Gabor was gently reminded that no news was forthcoming from the Heidenfeld team in any way shape or form, either by e-mail, telephone or smoke signals & it was agreed to make something up…..For the record, the Heidenfeld team beat Celbridge 5-3 and sit on top of the league. Off the record………..Mark almost won that night.

Matthew and Maciek, from Navan won well for Sean’s Bodley team. Tomas got a point for showing up when the Benildus player didn’t, and Andrew made it 4. The clock made it 5-0 when Nico was a Rook down so Sean, one of the Black McLoughlin’s was happy….still waiting for a Captain’s report on that one too. Mid table and showing good potential…well done lads!!

The Dinosaur was invited to play a pleasant lady….who was just too good for the ageing creature, and pleasant with it.  Phyllis…welcome to the Club!!  The O’Hanlon team awaits…speaking of which, Pauric Neely, the Kilkenny winner made short work of Andrew, and Harriet was making equally  short work of Captain Mark as the Uni looked to halve their deficit. Then came the Madness!! Pawns went South, so did a piece…throw in an unsound Bishop sac and a neat Mate…Mark won! Final score …Blanch 5 University 1. What’s wrong with that…nothing…if you throw in the drive home which included “I won” as we rounded every bend to get there.

Still, being invited in for coffee was good….but, guess what? ………………. waiting for that too!!!


Well done to all who turned up.



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