November 9th – endgame competitions – all welcome!

The Club Endgame Competition (“Endgame Maestro“) starts on November 9th at Corduff, 8pm. This is held over four Wednesdays and will finish in December. Upwards of 20 clubs players are expected to play so it will be a busy and enjoyable event!

It is held at Corduff and is open to all our players, young and old, and any guests who wish to visit us. There is no entry fee but there are prizes for our club members which will be awarded by Stefan (Senior Club leader) at Christma party!

Endgame talks by senior players

The games will normally start at 8pm. Just before each round a senior player will give a short talk on the particular endgame that we are all about to face, to help a general discussion. This will provide really useful information for the games immediately ahead so it is worthwhile to be there at 7.45pm!

Many thanks to Randolf, Stefan, Luke and John for volunteering to give these short endgame introductions. It is much appreciated.



Other events due on Wednesdays in November and December

See below for the list of events planned for Wednesdays in November and December at the club.

In addition, we expect to find time to follow the World Chess championship, which is scheduled to start around November 10th (to 30th) in New York.


Wednesday at the club
Date What is happening? Notes
02 November 2016 Match on
09 November 2016 Maestro Endings – Round 1

Endgame Talk: John Delaney (7.45pm)

Event starts at 8pm (finishes around 9.15pm)

5 Rounds (R v R+B)
16 November 2016 Maestro Endings – Round 2

Endgame Talk: Luke Scott (7.45pm)

Event starts at 8pm )to 9.15pm)

5 Rounds (Q v R)
23 November 2016 Some matches on – come along and support our teams and watch interesting games live!
30 November 2016 Maestro Endings – Round 3

Endgame Talk: Steve O’Sulivan (7.45pm)

Event starts at 8pm to 9.15pm

5 Rounds (K+B+N v K)
07 December 2016 Maestro Endings – Round 4

Endgame Talk: Randolf Bruin (7.45pm)

Event starts at 8pm to 9.15pm

5 Rounds (R+3ps v R+2ps)
14 December 2016 Club Christmas Championship (Biscuit tin)
17 December 2016 Club party at Mountview 3.30pm
(Saturday) With prizes awarded
21 December 2016 Leinster Chess Union Blitz (Elm Mount) To be confirmed

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