Murray on fire!!

Murray Liu, one of our top juniors, played in the Dublin International Open this weekend. Naturally this is a tournament for experienced adults, used to playing long time control games, at the top of their sport. We had a lot of visitors from Iceland, UK and so forth for this prestigious International event.

Murray Liu, of Blanchardstown Chess club, was on fire! A slow start against very highly rated players (1800 plus opposition!) gave Murray an idea of what the standard was like. A very tough event! However, Murray got used to playing these strong players and blasted his way through the opposition with an amazing winning streak (4 wins in a row!). He ended up with a rating performance in excess of 1700!

Murray also ended up winning the rating prize, ahead of a multitude of experienced adult players!

His club is super proud of him. Well done Murray!

Blanchardstown Club Committee

Details of Murray’s tournament performance

The Dublin International Open 2024
Last update 02.04.2024 11:37:34
NameLiu, Murray
Starting rank60
Rating national900
Rating international1537
Performance rating1724
FIDE rtg +/-0
12021Connell, Kris1824IRL4.5w 0
22742Nichenametla V, Advaith1731IRL4b 0
33775Solomatin, Dmitry0IRL1.5w 1
43350Campbell, Peter16563b 1
52437Spence, Beckett1749IRL3.5w 1
61615Sigurdsson, Smari1882ISL3.5b 1
7816O’Reilly, Conor18755b 0

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