Junior Team Tournament -November 19th

We hope to run a junior team event on November 19th at the club.

The purpose of this training team event is to organise and assemble our own Blanchardstown teams ahead of the Mick Germaine cup (which happens in early December).

Remember that if you are interested to play in the Mick Germaine cup, you need to tell the club by completing the small form (se earlier post). All of our children are ready to play in these inter-club events and we will be expected to perform strongly as a club.

Our training event on November 9th will be run by John Delaney,  Ronan Kelly and Shane Grennan.  Teams will consist of four players. Event will count for Club Ladder and will use a 15 minute time control.

Many thanks to these parent volunteers for arranging the training event!

Blanchardstown Club committee



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