Club Ladder – full results as of 12 November

The full Club Ladder results have been updated to show who is currently leading in each section as of 12th November. The competition is still at an early stage. We expect a lot of changes in the various sections to happen before the Christmas Party (in mid December) when our WINTER Ladder prizes are decided and prizes awarded.

Blanchardstown Club committee

WINTER LADDER – position on 12 November 2016


Overall Competition Alex Babin
Under 14: 1st Andrew Harten
2nd Quin Griffioen
Under 12: 1st Ayman Khalid
2nd Daniel Borton
Under 10: 1st Alex Babin
2nd Kian Sampil
Under 8: 1st Erika Rabiller
2nd Daniel Quinn
Girls 1st Erika Rabiller
2nd Emily Ghukasyan
Most active 1st Mark Grennan
2nd Thomas Gartlan




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