The Finglas Flash.

Chess Board

Forget Flash Gordon…..we have our own version in the Bea Cup.
FLASH!! Gavin sacked a Rook for a crushing attack and a win appeared. FLASH!! Rafa on board 5 imitated his opponent in Blitz mode and a long move game finished within ….the hour, but not without its hair-raising moments, before the win was finally secured. FLASH!! Larry, our Captain’s opponent offered a draw, which was refused; and launched a typical attack gaining a Rook and 2 pawns for Bishop & Knight. However, 2 moves later, the grabbing of another pawn forced instant resignation when Larry realised he was losing a Bishop, giving up central control with check to follow. FLASH!! Sean followed this with a devastating open board bind on his opponent’s Rooks & Queen whilst threatening a back rank mate. …then we had to occupy our time somehow, as Robbie tried to hold his position. When the draw was eventually agreed, post match analysis showed that we had gained rather than lost a half point …….and ….with a 4.5-0.5 win, ……..we were gone……..IN A FLASH!!

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