Two in a row.

Randolph started off this evening with a gentle description of endgame positions, most notably the Philidor position. Applying theory to practice can often be hazardous, and it was no surprise that John succeeded more than most in this endgame challenge of Queen/King vs Rook/King to increase his overall lead. Masterly technique kept Gabor, Randolph and Mindy at bay as they sought to vie for top spot. The training that everyone received in this competition can only serve them well in future matches. Standings are John 10, Randolph 4, Mindy 4 and Gabor 3.
Clearly John is making a concerted effort to win something this year…and that is nice to see…..John winning! Perhaps we can all gang up on Luke to stop him winning the Christmas Biscuits this season for the 2nd year in a row.


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