Blanchardstown Chess Challenge

Start from 22nd March, we will organise 10 weeks Blanchardstown Chess Challenge. Every club member is welcome. Players from Ireland are also welcome (be aware that only club members are entitled to the prize).

The next tournament is 8:00pm Monday, 12th April. Link to the tournament is:

In order to join the tournament, please join the following team (please send me your name or ICU ID):

The prize for Champion of each week (or the highest place that is entitled to the prize) is 30 EURO. Only the member of Blanchardstown Chess Club is entitled to win the prize. Each member player is only entitled to the prize for 2 weeks. All the prize will only be sent after all the 10 weeks game are finished.

The result of 29th Mar is here:

Congratulations to the winner Sneakm.

The result of 22nd Mar is here:

Congratulations to the winner YeoJose.

Blanchardstown Chess Club Committee

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