Blanchardstown Club challenge – update

After 9 events, we are approaching the end of the Club Challenge for the first part of 2021.

Many thanks to Henry for all his work.

Our last event will be held next Monday on 31st May, 8pm start, with a prize of €30 again on offer.

Blanchardstown Chess Challenge – event results to date
Week 1st place2nd Place3rd place
1031 May 2021???????
924 May 2021SneakmJasonliu02MarkowithaK
817 May 2021MarkowithaKaiChess2011Bolkeny
710 May 2021Jasonliu02PranaKarthikeyanaiChess2011
603 May 2021Jasonliu02BolkenySneakm
527 April 2021Jasonliu02luty2003CiaranOReilly
419 April 2021Jasonliu02OisinocPranaKarthikeyan
312 April 2021YeojoseJasonliu02MarkowithaK
229 March 2021SneakmJasonliu02CiaranOReilly
122 March 2021YeojoseAdamc2005Oisinoc
 Time control5 minutes plus 3 secs
30 eur first prize
Open to: Irish chess players (simply register on club website – €5 eur membership cost)

The table shows the Lichess handle of our club players. Here we show who in the Club has won what, so far!

EventLichess handleReal name (club member)
Prizes winners:Weeks 1, 3YeojoseEamonn Keogh€60
Week 2,9 SneakmJohn Delaney €60
Weeks 4,5Jasonliu02Jason Liu€60
Week 6BolkenyGabor Bolkeny€30
Week 7PranaKarthikeyanPrana Karthikeyan€30
Week 8MarkowithaKMarcus€30
Total prizes won to date!€270

Week 10 is looking really exciting. It is simply not open to Eamonn, John or Jason to win again.
So we will have a battle royale on May 31st, perhaps between Marcus, Prana and Gabor??
Or is there a new winner about to burst onto the scene……..?

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