Lost Nights – week 8 – March 1st

Once again we had a close finish to the weekly tournament! Konstatin Loy won for the second time in the series. We had the following top three finishes (showing the lichess handle).

1st place: Serendipity228 (actual name being: Konstatin Loy – rated 2553) on 5 points

2nd place: Ziomario (rated 2350) also on 5 points


3rd place being IM Vijaanagara (rated 2635) on 4.5 points

Remember: if you wish to play in the tournament series, it is simply a matter of joining the Blanchardstown chess club (at the modest cost of 5 eur!) and you will receive a whatsapp link to the event on lichess. Any queries will be answered promptly on whatsapp. We are friendly and helpful. The chess activity is suitable to both adults and juniors. It is a fun way to meet other chess players each Monday. The club holds a short informal coaching session at 7.15pm (over Zoom) on Mondays followed by a Lichess chess tournament open to all comers at 8pm.

We are all keen to stay in touch with chess until we can return to over the board play in the Leinster leagues and other chess tournaments throughout Ireland! So consider joining the club and staying in touch with your fellow chess friends at this time. It is both interesting and fun!

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