Blanchardstown Blitz Third Tournament Result

We finished the Blanchardstown Blitz Series with a perfect third tournament! Great Fun! Thanks for all the 32 Players joined the tournament. Many strong players made the competition more intense. Especially this week, we are honoured to have Diana Mirza, WFM to join us.
Congratulations to
1st prize: John Delaney (6);
Co-2nd prize: Valentin Alexandru(5), Marius Antohi(5) and Darragh Goslin(5);
Top under 18: Uktarsh Gupta(4).
The following is the detailed result:

1John Delaney6
2Valentin Alexandru5
Marius Antohi5
Darragh Goslin5
5Diana Mirza4
Aurel Rogovschi4
Utkarsh Gupta4
Joe Hayder4
Marko Gazic4
Mindaugas Gliozerris4
11Eugene Vocheci3
Jason Liu3
Gia Khuong3
Jackie Liu3
James Prendeville3
Grzegorz Drapiewski3
Sumukh Adiraju3
Alex Babin3
Zayd Hussain3
Mark Khodzinskyy3
Scot Rossiter3
22Euan Bell2
Wosciech Karpinski2
Louis Hanbury2
James Kenny2
Luke Rossiter2
Jacopo Panumzio2
Balu Manoranjan2
29David Sikharulidze1.5
Isaac Swift1.5
31Shane Lee1
32Gabriel Sikharulidze0

Please find the photo of this tournament on our facebook thread:

Previous tournament results:

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