Junior Club Team Tournament Result Nov 09, 2019

Amazing! There are more than 50 young players attended today’s event. Only 24 players were enrolled in the team tournament. All the other players enrolled three all-play-all tournament. The result is equally effective and will be taken into account in the Ladder.

Today’s team tournament winner are the following two teams. Both teams got 11 points. Congratulations!

Team Ireland

Team Eile

Here is the team score:

Final ResultsScore
1. Team Ireland11.0
2. Castle Crashers9.0
3. Checkmate Champions2.5
4. Team Lizards9.5
5. Chessculars5.0
6. Team eile11.0

Here is the score per player per team:

At Dec 8, 2019, there will be the Mick Germaine Cup 2019, the 6 rounds 15 min team tournament between all the junior chess clubs in Leinster. All our young players are welcome to go and represent Blanchardstown Junior Chess Club.



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