Our Club’s First ICU Registration Cutoff Date is Nov 18th, 2019

Registration of Attendance
Registration of Attendance

Regular Senior and Junior Club members, if you didn’t register the membership yet, please hurry.

We are going to register our club’s member in ICU (Irish Chess Union) and get ICU ID (and pay the registration fee) for each member soon. Without ICU ID (and paying registration every year), you can not attend a lot of formal tournaments organised by ICU (www.icu.ie). With the ICU ID, a player can accumulate his/her rating associated with the ID. If the registration for a player in ICU is later than the new year, it is possible the ICU rating is lost.

You can register the ICU member (ID) and pay at www.icu.ie yourself. But to register ICU member with our club, you don’t need to pay extra ICU membership fee.

The cutoff date is Nov 18th, 2019. If you register after this date, we cannot guarantee your registration with ICU is done by the new year.

Players didn’t register Blanchardstown Club membership and fully paid is not entitled to register in ICU by the club.

If you want to register Blanchardstown Chess Club membership and pay online, please click the following link:

Blanchardstown Chess Club Committee

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