Blanchardstown Blitz First Tournament Result

Thanks for everyone that attended the first tournament of Blanchardstown Blitz Series. We had a lot of fun in this great evening. 34 Players joined the competition.

Congratulations  to

1st prize: John Denaley (5.5);

Co-2nd prize: Xavier Busig(5) and Marius Antohi(5);

Top under 18: Uktarsh Gupta(5).

The following is the detailed result:

1John Delaney5.5
2Xavier Busig5
Utkarsh Gupta5
Marius Antohi5
5Gabor Bolkeny4
Jason Liu4
Lyrda Byrne4
Jackie Liu4
Marko Gazic4
Anshul Akora4
11Aurel Rogovschi3.5
12Madhu Polam3
Benjamin Liu3
Adam Florczak3
Pranav Karthikeyan3
Alex Babin3
Euan Bell3
Colin He3
Jason Qiu3
Dylan Hadfield 3
Bora Ozalp3
Furkan Sollon3
Jacopo Panunzio3
24Sumukh AdiRaju2.5
Alya Ozalp2.5
26Iestyn Hadfield2
Gabby Sikharulidze2
Rohan Polam2
Rohit Polam2
Tomek Florczak2
David Sikharulidze2
32Mael LeCampion1
Laurent Hadfield1
Alan Florczak1

Please check the photos on our facebook page:

The Second tournament in this Blanchardstown Blitz Series will take place at 8:00pm Monday, 14th October 2019. The free online registration for this tournament is available in the following page:

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