Junior Club – Paper Material Learning Week Sept 14 and Sept 21, 2019

Last week, one of our young team leader Sumukh, successfully teaching his teammate 7 checkmate with King and Queen. Brilliant Job! The best way to learn is to teach.

Our 6 young leaders will prepare more materials based on the following materials and teach more basic tactics to their teams.

Level 2: basic tactics, good for players who only know how to play.


4. Checkmating with a King and Queen (Page 8)

5. Checkmating with a Kind and Rook (Page 11)

6. The Sacrifice (Page 14)

7. Tips on Stalemate (Page 18)

If parents can play chess, it is recommended to download the pdf and print the corresponding chapter and show your kids these tactics on board. If possible, encourage your children to teach somebody else what they just learned.

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