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Ancients 15 minute all play all

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high” sang Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz……………..well, the 2 Abominable Snowmen are probably home by now after jointly sharing 9th place with 6.5/9 in the Dolmitenbank Open. Perhaps as both have thawed out by now…maybe Gabor will send in a game or so, but Luke remained, -unusually for him-….unbeaten! Well done to both of them for a very credible snowing!!!
Nearer home, with rain instead of the white stuff, we have the Bunratty Tournament and a few of our Club are playing in various sections. In the Masters Section, we have Rudolf Tirziman with 1.5/4, having accounted for rising star Henry Li earlier. He is currently performing above his current grading, and plays WFM Cecile Haussernot this morning.
In the Challengers section, we have young Danny Dwyer mashing his way through the 1800’s in joint 5th place with 3/4. Almost as young Alice O’Gorman stands in his way first thing…should be a good game that one. Sergio Esteve Sanchez has 2.5/4 and plays Blanchardstown beater Kenneth Higgins, so we know who we want to win that one. Sean McLoughlin has 2/4 and will hope to get back to winning ways before he heads in the opposite direction to Drogheda on Tuesday………all this chess…………..all this travelling!!!
The Majors sees Gavin Doyle currently sharing 7th place as he continues his progression up the ratings. 3/4 is a fine showing with an average performance of 1600+. Gavin has had a wonderful year so far. Vinajak Unitham has scored 1.5/4, and faces the Victor Meldrew of Chess next,  Cathal Murphy. Fun won’t get much of a look in there, whatever the result, so enjoy your afternoon game instead. Kevin Fitzpatrick has joined the fray late with 0.5/2, so hopefully, he’ll weave his magic over the Black & White pieces of a chessboard instead of Piano keys.
Pride of Place goes to …PADRAIG DWYER who sits in joint first place in the Minor Section with 4/4. Not bad eh…but another 1600+ performer, WOW!!! and shaping up well for the Club Championship matches to come. You’ve all been warned. Well done Padraig, and as we say in Scotland….bring home the Bacon!!!
Good luck to each and everyone of you.

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