Monday Tournament Series – Final Results

John won week 1 and week 2

Over the last 10 weeks, the club members have played a series of Monday Night chess competitions. The event was held on Lichess (see for details) and a prize of €30 was offered to the highest placed club member.

Results for the 10 week series are as follows:

Week 1, 2 : 12th October and 19th October 2020: winner of the first events in the series was John Delaney FM, aka “Sneakm” on Lichess. John takes home €60 in prizes.

Week 3, 4 : 26th October & 2nd November 2020: our new club winner was Jason Liu aka “Jasonliu02”, Jason also takes home €60 in prizes. Jason is clearly one of our most talented junior players and this event saw him catch up and pass John Delaney in the club rankings…. Jason is certainly one to watch in the years ahead!

Week 5, 7 : 8th November & 21st November 2020: Marco Gazic, aka “Markowithat” on Lichess, then stepped up to the plate and first won in Week 5; he clearly took a little rest in Week 6 because he returned for his second victory in week 7. Marco therefore also won a maximum prize of €60 for his two Monday night victories.

Week 6, 8 : 16th November & 29th November 2020: Pranav Karthikeyan is one of our best juniors. He improved throughout this series and actually began winning the events (which have a mix of adults and junors) towards December. He was the final club player in the series to win a maximum €60 prize for two victories. Very well deserved.

However, Adults do occasionally still win against the juniors!

In Week 9 we saw Damian Evans (6th December) succeed in style, and in Week 10 Mark Cummins (13th December 2020) turned up for his first event and promptly won first prize! Both win €30 prize for their efforts.

Many thanks to Henry for having arranged these club events on Lichess each week; it is a great deal of work and we are very grateful to Henry for his organising skill and his volunteering. He makes a huge difference and contribution to our club and the lives of our club members. We can also thank Graeme Walsh who provided intensely interesting coaching to club members over Zoom throughout the series and was with us every Monday without fail. These volunteers allowed us all to enjoy our Monday evening “club night” even in the current strange times when we could not meet face-to-face!!

Over Christmas we will publish the results of each individual Monday night event on the website to create a fuller record of these important events..

For now we can say that the series was a huge success. We often had 15-20 club members competing for the first prize. As a club committee, we are hopeful to run some similar events in the months ahead. Watch out for more news on this , your, Club website!

Prizes will be posted to the various winners in the next few days.

Congrats to all who have worked to make our Monday night “online” meetings such fun in 2020, despite all the challenges we all met this year!

Blanchardstown Chess Club committee

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