Mauled by the Malahide Munchers.

Well what can I say? When you are greeted with the words “we’re going to get you” you know its going to be a difficult evening. The Malahide team obviously have long memories…. well….a fortnight long anyway…..Ouch!! For Mark, the difficulty started before we even left home and got worse. Bring a tool kit…you need to break into the equipment box followed further bad news.  Michael turned up when he was more suited to being in a hospital bed. His high temperature was matched on the board by the young tall Killian Burke, and the usual scenario was unfolding. Despite his bravery, this was an attacking triumph….just not for us! Another quick loss was followed by Mark forgetting to castle, but not forgetting to allow a king/queen fork….0-3 down in jig time, and the portents were not good. Piotr was always a move behind, and the score eventually went to four…………..still on zero, and lucky to be that. The Dinosaur had a good opening, allowed favourable exchanges for his opponent, and regretted his decision to try and take an early initiative. With a huge central pawn mass, it was only stubbornness & stupidity  that allowed this game to continue….(sometimes it helps to have little brain!!)….as Cormac was Steam-rolling his pawns forward and towards a near certain point. Our own Vermeer, Randolf de Bruin was involved in a highly complex game with Vincent Blissett, with an exciting encounter being contested. This was eventually agreed drawn, as both players attacked and defended stylishly. We were finally off the mark with half a point. This left the Dinosaur trying to stave off certain extinction, and with Cormac over-reaching, it all came down to a Rook/pawns end-game. Despite Cormac displaying great skill in holding up 2 passed pawns, the flag decided the result, and a fortuitous win for the  Dinosaur enabled us to return with a scoreline we know well……a 1.5-4.5 loss for the fourth time this season. Malahide are way safe after this result, and Congratulations to them. For us.. it all boils down to the last 3 games, and they are against our fellow strugglers. Great….not!! We almost need a Miracle, and that’s before we even make a move. It’s been a very tough year. The O’Hanlon table will be printed up when other results are in


For those who are interested…Gonzaga won their latest game 4.5-3.5 in the Heidenfeld. We’ve heard no news from our first team and their trip to Athlone, v Ballinasloe.  In the absence of knowing whether they are now in 1st; 2nd or 3rd place or anywhere else in the league……I’ll suggest they won …………..if only to make them feel better during their long drive. Last time I was out there….we only lost 0-6 which made the long drive home ….even longer!!!. I’ve heard that some of the players turned right instead of left on the way home and are still out in Galway somewhere.

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