Will it be the Sheriff’s Revenge…. Naomh Barrog match Preview.

Next week we travel to Naomh Barrog in a vital match. A good result for either one of us will surely see the banishment of any remaining relegation fears. Five teams have those worries, and we play 2 of them in future matches. For now, we have to try and avoid making Naomh Barrog safer. Last year, our opponents had only 1 survivor from our shootout…………the dreaded lawman himself……….Sheriff Desmond Martin. Needless to say, he’s gathered a new Posse keen to take us down and throw away the key. Oscar Rico has a provisional rating of 1705 on board 1, Patrick Byrne, 1376 is a known Dinosaur hunter, and will have his trusty pieces at hand to add yet another head on his wall. Will it happen again?….time will tell. Sean Waldron 1255 is normally at 3, but the Sheriff has scored excellently there when playing up. Board 4 has been shared between Tom Collins 1272, who had an excellent veterans tournament in January; Alan Corcoran 1264 & Austin Blake 1123 subbing up from their Bea team.

In at 5 rolls John Wayne himself…the Sheriff of Naomh Barrog………….tough, doughty, resilient with True Grit emanating from every Pore……..if he comes into the room with an eye patch, a horse & shooting from the hip….next week, it’ll be no great surprise………Des has only lost once in 7 games this season and don’t be misled by his rating of 1179. He’s recently drawn against a couple of 1500+’s. Naomh Barrog cleverly rotate their lower boards, and they have a strength in depth that we don’t have……so they have to be regarded as better placed than us.

Our Captain has endured a torrid time this season, and it’s about time that we responded as a Club and a team to ease his burden. We don’t want to be relying on the last game to survive….it’s up to us!

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