Many thanks – Irish Juniors Blanchardstown

Hi everyone,

On behalf of our club, and especially our junior players, I want to thank our organising committee : Susan Looby, Una Martin, Angelo Moore and John Comey.

They put together a great Irish Junior championship event – and John Comey – with his delightful attention to detail, brought the organisation of a junior chess tournament to new heights. We were very lucky to have Rory Delaney (Fide Arbiter) available to run the event for us and he did a great, calming job, and got us through.

The committee made plans but it was our family of volunteers that helped these come to fruition:

Publicity / Technology
: John Comey, Maurice Grehan; Brendan Comey, Maurice Prendeville

Tournament Controllers

Manolis (u19); Dermot (u19); James (u16); Randolf (u14) Raj (u14s); Gabor (u12s); Noel (u12s); Kevin (u10), Robbie (u10s) Maura (u8s) and Ruth (u8);

Front of house/diplomacy

Susan Looby, Una Martin, Richard Gallery; Des Martin; John Delaney; Fidelma Beirne, Finola Doyle, Angelo Moore.

Special presentations

Dave Fizsimons FM – Masterclass


Thanks to Luke Scott and Sean McLoughlin for their help before starting difficult games. Yvonne Platt and Conor Platt were great – a huge thanks to Conor and his mam, so much energy and hard work!

As a club, we were highly complimented by Joe Higgins TD; the Irish Chess Union (Pat Fitzsimons) and many many others.

Finally, our thanks to Susan and Una for a lovely speech at the closing ceremony. I have to add personally that I am very proud of what our club achieved!

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) motto is “Gens Una Sumus”. In Blanchardstown, it was indeed clear that we were indeed “all one family”!

We can now take a well deserved break!

many thanks
John Delaney FM
(Secretary to Irish Junior Chess Championships 2015 – Organising committee)


  1. I want to show my personal gratitude to all organizers and to the Blanchardstown Chess Club. Everything was perfect, all details, the venue, the people, time managing…
    Best organization I’ve seen!
    And best of all, the incredible management of visual communication on Flickr: the photos report is a ‘never seen before’, at least for me. Good, very good photos!
    I understand the huge effort but, please repeat in next years!!!

    • Thanks Amancio for the kind words on the photos. I’ll be posting a full set of photos from the weekend later on this week!



  2. I’d like to echo the comments above with regard to what was a well organised tournament.

    I’d like to raise to the appropriate person an error in one of the results of the under 12 competition. Who should I speak to about this?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Ruairidh

      I have emailed you directly and the arbiter (Rory Delaney) who will check this query with you.

      John Delaney

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