Lost Knights – event 2 – January 18th – Results

Jason Liu (Blanchardstown) ran out winner of the second Lost Knights event on January 18th, 2021 held on Lichess. Results were as follows:

1st Jason Liu02 5.5 points

2nd Bolkeny 5 points

3rd Chirov-22 5 points

Jason thus wins the €30 first prize!

Details (see Lichess.org for full tournament results): Jason Liu (Blanchardstown) won with 5.5 out of 6 (1st), followed by Bolkeny (otherwise known as Gabor Bolkeny, also Blanchardstown Chess club) who was tied with Chirov-22 on 5 points. Once again,congratulations to Jason, well done!

Fun fact: why the name Lost Knights for this event series? The club is a proud part of the Leinster Chess Union, who run a very active chess league centered around Dublin Ireland. Normally the LCU chess leagues are playing a 12 round set of leagues matches, over the winter. Some years ago the LCU added a new possibility for individual players to play a FIDE rated all-play-all event. Searching for a name for this new individual event, it was recognised playing in the fortnightly evening event (games started at 7.15pm) would involve you losing another 11 nights of your free time over the Irish winter…… hence the name Lost Knights was arrived at.

As a club, our volunteers are proud to help maintain and publicise as many LCU inspired events as is possible during this unusual Covid era, simply looking forward to a return to over the board play as soon as that is possible in Ireland. We can all hope for a promised renewal and reflourishing of our sport – in its central from of over the board chess!!

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