Leinster Chess Union Christmas Blitz

This years Christmas Blitz had a smaller attendance then last year – more snack boxes for the Blanchardstown boys Rudolf, Luke, Quin, Vinayak and Randolf. Luke even tried to bring some home, but was denied access to the car due to the awful smell. Congrats to Rudolf for qualifying to the A-group! Next time don’t spend 4 minutes on your first 4 moves though and bring home the booty like Quin and Vinayak !


Quin second in his group with 4 out 5, while Vinayak won his group with 5 out 6 – well done guys! Now you can age that bottle for 6 years or do the sensible thing and sell it to your mom (or sue LCU for giving alcohol to youngsters and damaging their future chess careers)

The Heidenfeld captains played their last game against each-other in the B-group. Randolf had the better of Luke in a Catalanisch position and ended third in his group.

It’s a really fun tournament for all levels so keep it in mind for next year.

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