League Captains

The club has two Teams in the Leinster Senior leagues. We need adult volunteers to manage these teams and help organise a small team squad of juniors (including your child). Adults can also play on these teams and will be welcome.

We hope parents of juniors can volunteer to help to allow these teams to play in Leinster leagues  this season.


Division 4 OHanlon Cup

Division 6 -Bodley North

Normally these Leinster league team are  comprised of our top juniors, alongside some interested  adults. Team members will be coached throughout the season and prepared for Irish Junior or Senior championships by our club coaches. Participation in weekend tournaments by juniors will also be supported.

The club urgently needs Adults (e.g. parents of interested players) to act as Captain and manage these two teams

Acting as captain typically involves your helping a team of 5 juniors play a total of  11 chess games (matches) spaced out  over the season – held fortnightly between now and March 2019.

Home matches will be on Monday evenings in a local hotel, with away matches at various opposing club venues in their club night. Dates and venues are known well in advance.


If you can play chess, and your child would like to play serious chess matches this year,  you are probably an ideal captain!

Can you please contact John Delaney 0862625878 as a matter of urgency to express interest and he can outline what is involved for you to consider.

Unless the club finds an adult volunteer willing to act as captain / manager,  it will not be possible to run these junior teams and we will need to withdraw them. This will hurt the prospects of our juniors getting competitive club matches and advancing in their chess.


So please do consider running a team.  Ring John to learn how easy it is, and to hear about how we will train you as adult volunteer and generally support you and your squad (of 5/6 juniors including your child).

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