Last Shootout at Corduff Creek.

Sheriff Martin and his Posse rode into town on Wednesday, and found the locals far less than hospitable. “You’re getting nothing” squealed the Bandit Leader, and that ended the pleasantries as pawns, pieces and whatever else flew across the tables. First to fall was deputy Blake at the hands of Little Mac, gunned down as he prepared to promote a pawn, losing his Rook in the process. Wilier than a fox “Coyote Doyle” lured his young Viking foe Brian forward, preventing back rank tricks and then stabbed him and his king in the back with a Queen mating attack…..way to go Gavin….we’re Cummin to get you Sheriff! …remember him!” I remember beating him” retorted the Lawman…as we sought to avenge our fallen Limerick contestant. Mark Cummins was last to finish on the night, involved in a long protracted duel with Gentleman Harry Howard, as he built on his pawn advantage to record a fine win. The Snarling Bandit leader was a ducking and a diving, avoiding his deputies’s fast hands as they glided across the board in trying to reign in this Bandit’s winning spree. Unfortunately for  Judicious John, a piece fork signalled the beginning of the end, culminating in a Queen sack winning the house……which begged the question…..who would be the last man left standing between the “Sheriff” and “Big Mac” as they fought to the bitter end. “Draw” roared the Sheriff…”Naw” as Big Mac then plunged a pawn forward to unbalance the position. However, this left him badly wounded as the Sheriff eventually passed his pawn on the b file forcing our Irish Junior Champion to lose his Rook. Big Mac is not a leading Loot Raider for nothing and had marched his king forward to support his 2-1 pawn majority on the kingside. The Sheriff had to cede his material advantage to leave both men “Undefeated” after displaying  “True Grit.” That Sheriff has more lives than the late great John Wayne. Final score was 4.5 -0.5 to the Blanch Bandits  as the Sheriff, and his deputies rode out of town. There was no “Hangman’s House” in Corduff Creek, and we wish Naomh Barrog well for the rest of the season.  For ourselves, it will be a Happy Christmas at the top of the league. Enjoy!

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