Junior Blitz event – March 2024

March 2024 Blitz

Congratulations to Zhanting (1st), Rugile (2nd place) and Simon (3rd) for a really brilliant result in the Club Blitz.

Laura and Sita ran this junior blitz tournament on Saturday 2nd March, 2024. Many thanks to them both for running this enjoyable and challenging event for the club juniors!


Blanchardstown Junior club Blitz: March 2, 2024


  1. Zhanting
  2. Rugile
  3. Simon

4th to 11th places (3 points)

Sanat, Sam2, Jakub, Joysmit, Cian, Tyler. Sam P,

12th place (2.5 points)


13th to 18th places (2 points)

Szymon Phillip Gary Adam Arabella Max

19th to 25th (1.5 points)

Larry Qiheng Vennela Darren Aidan Sofia Arden

26th to 31 place (1 point)

Sam Amy Sophie Estefano Andrew

Note: dropped from event due to his being an adult! John (0 points)

Blanchardstown Club committee

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