Gonzaga Chess Classic

We would like to send our best wishes to our players who will be playing in the Gonzaga Chess Classic. this weekend.
In the Masters section, Luke is Black against GM. Bogdan Lalic, and Rudolf starts against David Eggleston, also with the Black pieces. Good luck guys, but we’ll give Luke a harder time in the Club Championship than anyone he’ll face here…….count on it!!
In the Championship section, we are well represented with Gabor Bolkeny, Danny Dwyer, Robbie McLoughlin, Gavin Doyle, Mark Cummins and hopefully, returning back to our club next season, Vinajak Unitham. Six players in the top ten at the end of the tournament sounds nice guys…but whatever transpires, we wish our Clubmates a great weekend.

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  1. Did not notice that Sean McLoughlin is also playing in the Master’s section and is white v John Healy in the 1st round. Robbie plays Mark in the first round of the Championship section. so……….good luck to all our members.

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