Armstrong league

Blanchardstown travelled to Balbriggan on Saturday and drew 4-4 in their first match in the Armstrong First Division. Manolis and Randolf won, Luke, Danny, Manuel & Gabor, (against his old team)…drew, Sergio and Mufasser unfortunately lost. Well done Guys.
This league has proven to be a very tough division for newly promoted teams, as the last 3 seasons have seen both promoted teams return back down the following year. Only once in the last 12 years have both promoted teams stayed up, with Balbriggan and Dun Laoghire still holding their places from 2012/13. Overall, it seems a good result.

How not to play chess – don’t castle, play both Knights via e1 and loads of Queen-moves – yet win


  1. Great start, well done to the Armstrong team!

    Excellent game by Randolf, it is cheerful to see the knights in action. Fantastic resilience, weathering many a storm@

    Maybe this is exactly how close many of our Armstrong games will be…..

  2. Well done Randolph. Great fighting spirit. Come on the BEA team, let’s show our A team….we can be just as resilient!!!! Yeah!!!

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