When the Mice are away……the Cat……….comes out to Play!!

Mark Cummins

Captain Mark trudged into Dublin to complete the outstanding fixture against a very strong Dublin team…..League sources indicated that our scoring was complete and that Mark had sacrificed himself on a higher board to give the team a chance to gain some points. His clever team listing had indeed netted a welcome return…but not to be outdone, Mark fought hard for the cause and added to the score with a well earned draw. Who says our Captain is too nice to lead??  …and is not strong enough? ….Ha! the Ancient Dinosaur can refute those arguments ……….Dublin ended up removing his claws from their backs as they escaped with a 3-3 draw……..and by all accounts, the scoreline flattered them. Its nice to put points on the board. and with the top two favourite teams  to face before Christmas……we need all the points we can get to stay in touch with the other teams desperate to avoid returning to the Bea division.

There is some truth in the rumour that Mark would have been slagged off mercilessly had he returned empty-handed…… but we are all so proud of him nevertheless.

Yay!!!.   ….way to go!!!

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