Training tournament – March 21st (as gaeilge)

Entries are now invited for our annual club training tournament. This event will form a part of our club Championship 2015. It will be run ‘as gaeilge’ / in Irish in celebration of the Week of Irish / seachtain na ngaeilge. It will be easy for those who do not speak Irish to understand as there will be translation.

We expect this will be held at the 12th Lock, Castleknock. Confirmation of the venue will be provided to you when you enter.

This event is both our Club championship and an opportunity to undertake some key training ahead of the Irish Juniors. It is highly recommended to all our Juniors. Senior players are asked to play to give the Junior strong opposition. The format of the event will be a small 4-player all-play-alls with a mix of players across categories. In most cases, we expect that a Group will consist of one Senior player; a player in the Under 14/16 category; and two players from Under 10/12. Long time controls will apply. Please note that the Under 8s will play a separate Swiss event using the short (15 minutes each) time control normal for their events.

A key feature of the training event will be POST MORTEMS. Each game will be analysed and reviewed by players with assistance of a senior and highly rated player.

Detailed arrangements

Event is held on 21 March 2015. Event will be run ‘as gaeilge’ / ‘in Irish’.
The event will start at 2.30pm for Under 8s – they will play between 2.30pm and 5.30pm.
For all other players, the event will start at 10am and finish at 6pm, with a break for lunch.

(At present, we are confirming a venue. Note that there is a small entry fee, which is designed to cover the cost of hiring the venue and some finger food).

Any queries to Angelo Moore or John Delaney (

NOTE: Adult entries are welcome and required.



  1. Hi, Im unable to register. An error shows up as ” This field requires a unique entry and ‘Under 8s’ has already been used.”

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