Thanks to our adult volunteers

We do not often stop to really say a big thank you to our Adult Volunteers.


I simply wish on behalf of the Club committee to say a big word of thanks to the many adult volunteers who helped with our Grand Prix event today.


Robbie , John and Sean  were there early to help with room set.

Mariada, Margaret and Joe did trojan work organising the children .

Marie and Laura did a lot of work with room and corridor control.

Mariada and Shane did the SwissMaster event itself.

Lidia Genoa was also a great help as always.

We also had a huge amount of practical help from others, who were available (but not needed this week!) to fill in if and as needed.

Ronan, Armine and many others (Luanna’s Aunt) come to mind.


Probably few of you realise how difficult it is to run a Swiss Event for almost 50 children and to do so within an hour and a half.

It was very impressive to be a part of a large team of volunteers solving problems and issues in good heart. It gave joy to the children who could focus on playing an event. So, on their behalf, I simply wanted to record a word of thanks to the 15 plus adults I counted at one moment making a big difference today. Thank you! The children are very grateful.


Finally, Kevin the school caretaker looked after us brilliantly as always and is hugely helpful week in week out. His gentle guidance (and also his gentle manner) has huge importance for us and we are very grateful.


Incidentally, at the same moment as we ran an event for the children there were 12 others adults playing a senior match down the corridor! We were actually hosting Gorey and our other club volunteers (Stefan, Mark , Randolf) were there from 2,30pm organising this event. So overall, we probably had around 80 Blanchardstown members playing in Coolmine this Saturday.

Well done everyone!


John Delaney

FIDE Master

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