Parents of New Juniors – Learning to Play Chess & Volunteering

We have a lot of new smaller children attending the chess club this year which is great news!

Quiet a few have never played chess before and don’t know how to play.  While the club will endeavour to teach new juniors, right now we just about have enough parent volunteers to to keep the club going and are not in a position to do much teaching.

You as parents can help in two ways;

  1. by volunteering at chess club on Saturday. It is easy and we can help you all understand what can be done to help. Just speak to any volunteer on Saturday.
  2. Giving your child the basics of chess, here are some great videos that will do it. Each is about 4 mins
    1. Lesson 1 – The Board –
    2. Lesson 2 – The King –
    3. Lesson 3 – The Queen –
    4. Lesson 4 – The Rook –
    5. Lesson 5 – The Bishop –
    6. Lesson 6 – The Knight –
    7. Lesson 7 – The Pawn –
    8. Lesson 8 – Your First Game –

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