Our New Presidente & Club Secretary.

Congratulations to our New Club President and her New Secretary on their promotion to the posts. Step forward Susan Looby & Sean Nolan. We know they will both do a great job and take the Club forward, as they are both dynamic, enthusiastic, clear thinking! The Committee meeting was very interesting, ( though I wasn’t there) both on very sensible matters and what could only be described as “stories of dubious reliability”. That is how the Blog has been recorded in the minutes. The Dinosaur has been sorely wounded……..well at least until tomorrow morning when he plays and loses in the Bray Rapidplay. Some Juniors and members of the 2nd team are also participating, so good luck to all…maybe some first teamers will also play in a very strong field. On another matter, Sean & Rudolf were rightly praised for their coaching skills in teaching the Juniors; & for their  excellent personal scores in the League, ……..very well done lads…..Overall, the Club is growing and developing nicely………….with thanks to everyone who have contributed with their time and efforts to make this happen…….now, if only we could find and obtain a more permanent home?……..The Club will be closed for July/August……………..and we will see you all nearer the end of the year……Have a great Summer!!!    ps ….couldn’t find a picture of Susan or Sean…so have to make do with this.

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