JUNIOR Club – will not meet in Mountview on 21st March

On the 21st March, our chess club is meeting at the 12th Lock, Castleknock and not Mountview.

We will run a training chess tournament. If you want to play in the training tournament, you must apply in advance and complete the form below. The cost will be €10 and we will start play at 10am (for all ages except under 8s) or 2.30pm (for Under 8s). We will finish at around 5pm and fingerfood will be available at lunchtime.

To play, simply complete this form:

Please also see the separate message relating to the Training Tournament fir further details.

Please note that there is no chess at Mountview on the 21st March.
We next meet at Mountview at 4pm on March 28th.

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