Modern Technology.

A strange title for our BEA match on the 22nd October as we travel to the Curragh, but that is what it is. They have developed a system which allows matches to be transmitted live on the Internet, similar to but not quite DGT. Wow! I think its quite exciting, and it’s not often a Dinosaur and Modern technology meet! Which leads to a review of our opponents. They are based on average ratings, the lowest rated team in the division, as like last season, but they were one of the few teams not to flirt with the drop zone and won almost as many games as they lost. When it looked as though they could be dragged into the fight, they responded with a resounding win but perhaps the match with runaway leaders Enniscorthy sum them up best. They lost, as expected, but every match went to the wire, every game was a war and the scoreline hugely flattered Enniscorthy. Indeed, the BEA cup winners admitted that they were fortunate to have won that match, which one member described as “getting mauled”….ALL their players nodded in agreement. They have narrowly lost their opening match this year to Phibsborough, who currently are 2nd in the table behind Dublin University, and will no doubt be determined to get more points at our expense. If their forward thinking matches their determination, they will not lack heart or desire  and will be resolute and capable foes. We look forward to the match.

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  1. It would be great if club could have use of a DGT board. Perhaps it would allow us to test how games / matches could be viewed in real time by an audience? That could help out fundraising events; and arguably it could transform the experience of bringing your child to a chess club. You get to watch goals being scored at other sports, so why not see the moves played by your child in chess on a big screen whilst enjoying a Coffee/tea? So experiments like the proposed test seem very welcome

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