Mick Germaine Cup.

Emily Ghukasyan

Last Sunday saw the annual Mick Germaine Cup being played in Dublin. This is a team competition for Juniors and Blanchardstown had 7/8? teams competing. Most of the children seemed to enjoy themselves, making new friends, eating lots of sweets…and more sweets; They did have to make a chess move or two…….legal or otherwise, whilst keeping one hand hovering over the clock and moving pieces with the other. The coaches too, seemed content to let the kids have fun, bar Sean, one of the Black McLoughlin’s and Rudolf the Smooth…who both had designs on pinching some Silverware. A huge thank you to the parents and coaches- Susan Looby, Marie Quinn, Marada Panunzio, Laura Carporosso, Alison Green, Sean Nolan & John Delaney who ensured that the teams were in the right places at the right times. Winners were Rathmines Kings who just mowed every team down with Blackrock College & Rathmines Rooks taking the other top spots. As for our Juniors, success is relative………..Team Alpha were 7th, Queens 9th, Otters 16th, Knights 17th, Intelligentsia 21st, Rooks 23rd and Real Madrid 24th. Everyone got a Medal and Board Prizes were won by Maciej Fijlakowski, Stas Mrowinski, Alec Babin, Emily Ghukasyan, Daniel Quinn, James Byrne & Jason Liu for being the highest point scorers in their team. They won……..a selection box so they were happier than most. …and as for the Chess………….there were many a fine individual performance and a noticeable improvement in the standard of play. Well done to all the children….you did yourselves and the Club PROUD.!!!


  1. Hi sorry to put this here, I just can’t locate a contact us link, which i’m sure is there but i’m missing. Anyway, just wanted to know what level a junior should have to consider joining the team – i’ve a just gone 9 and just gone 7 year old. They only know the basics – how each piece moves and general idea of the game – both very enthusiastic though. Would they need more playing experience, or do you welcome beginners?
    Advice appreciated, Ellie H

    • Hi Ellie,

      We welcome beginners to the Club, both Junior & Senior. Bring the kids along on a Saturday afternoon where they’ll meet many others and where they’ll gain further experience in playing. Look forward to seeing you and your children.

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