Last Orders for Club Championship.


11 Brave intrepid players will shortly begin their search for the newly created Club Championship. Following thought and consideration, the Championship will be split into 2 qualifying sections with the top 2 players from each section proceeding to the semi-finals and subsequent Final. All players are seeded according to their rating. Currently FM John Delaney, Luke, Sean & Gabor are in Group A. Mufasser, Robert, Stefan & Gavin are in Group B. Vinajak, Mark & John Comey are in Group C. 2 players from each Group A/B/C will be placed into each qualifying section so as to facilitate a mixture of playing abilities evenly. Entry fee will be €7 per entry unless directed otherwise by the finance committee. It would be good to have a nice trophy to award at the end of the season. Fixtures will be released next week………and the door is fully open for further entries until next Tuesday morning. There is still time for groups A/B/C to change according to new entrants. Qualifying matches will be played at each player’s convenience up to and including the 26th of April. Each section will be an all play all, but once only. Presently, this will be a maximum of 5 matches in Qualifying, so plenty of time to complete before the end of April. Semis and Final to be played in May. Any questions/objections let me know. Thanks.


  1. Draw is to be made on Wednesday 18/1 Fixtures will be sent via e mail to each contestant and they can arrange to play when it suits them. Qualifying matches will cease at midnight on the 26th of April and the top 2 players of each group/section will go into the semi-finals.

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