Junior Blitz – June 17th – results

Sean Pesca ran away with the tournament in the end!!

Just ahead of Cillian, Joysmit and Pearse!

Well done Sean!!


1Sean Pesca5.0M0 *0011111
2Cillian4.0M0 *0001++1
3Joysmit4.0M0 *0010111
4Pearse4.0M0 *0011101
5David M3.5M0 *001½11
6Sanat3.0M0 *0010101
7Nathan3.0M0 *0010110
8Gabriel M3.0M0 *001110
9Daniel L3.0M0 *00111
10Adam2.5M0 *0010½10
11Divit2.0M0 *0000101
12Szymon2.0M0 *0001001
13Daria2.0M0 *0001010
14Sam2.0M0 *0011000
15Dhruv2.0M0 *0011000
16Carl1.0M0 *001
17Philip0.5M0 *00000½0
18Radek0.5M0 *00000½0
19Sofia x 20.0M0 *0000000
20Sophia0.0M0 *0000000

Thanks to Carl Peralta for running the event with kindness, and for parents in helping to organise the room.

John Delaney

Blanchardstown Junior chess committee

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