Blanchardstown Chess club – AGM

The Blanchardstown Chess club AGM will be held at 7.30pm at Mountview Sports and Community centre on 26th January 2023.

All parents and players are invited. It is key for the club that we have an active committee to help the club function in 2023/24. There are many things we can only do if we have active volunteers.

AGM Agenda

1 Officer reports for 2022/23

2 Discussion of key activities for 2023/24

3 Election of new Committee for 2023/24

4 Any other business

List of positions

Club Committee 2023/24 – TO BE FILLED


Vice Chair



Assistant Treasurer

Child Protection officer

Club chess coach

Membership officer

Senior club lead

Junior club lead

Ordinary committee member (4)

List of motions for discussion

Committee member

Committee member

2 AGM – Motions / Decisions for discussion

1 Captains of teams (not formally committee members)

Division 1 Marius Antoni

Division 5 Basil Hendrick

Division 6 Carl Peralta – team of mostly adults

Division 6 Gabor Bolkeny – team of mostly juniors

International Youth team (2024 Italy event): Leader Mariada Fidunza

Mick Germaine To be confirmed

Mick Germaine To be confirmed

2 Child Protection committee

This exists to support the Child Protection officer in their role and consists of Chair, Secretary and Child Protection officer

3 Discussion of Membership FEE Structure for 2023/24

Proposal is for fees to go forward unchanged for 2023/24

  • AGM should confirm if Girls are to continue to have a lower fee

4 Captains of Leinster league teams and Leaders of Youth teams are offered free membership in light of the work involved

5 LCU Grand Prix: Club will work with LCU to see the Leinster Chess Union Grand Prix series restart in 2023/24

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