Irish Adventurers.

Gavin Doyle & Kevin Fitzpatrick entered the Irish Championship Weekender, and they must have realised that it was going to be difficult when drawn against the No 1 seed Ioana Gelip and Tom Healy respectively. Both scored 1.5/5 to finish next to each other down the field. Better luck next time guys.


Luke Scott represented Ireland in the Glorney Cup, which, this year, also featured France. After waiting 62 years to win the trophy last year on home soil, Ireland sped off to a fast start but faced England in the last round knowing that France & England were chasing them hard, and they needed to tie to retain the Cup. Luke got them off to a great start with this fine game to finish with a score of 4/5.
Taran Jina vs Luke Scott
1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 b5 3. Bg2 Bb7 4. 00 e6 5. d3 d5 6. Qe1 Be7 7. Nbd2 00 8. e4 c5 9. b3 Nc6 10. Bb2 Qc7 11. e5 Nd7 12. Qe2 Rfc8 13. c4 bc 14. bc d4 15. Rfe1 Nb4 16. Nf1 Rab8 17. h4 Bxf3 18. Bxf3 Nxd3 19. Qxd3 Rxb2 20. Qe4 Rcb8 21. Bd1 R2b4 22. Bb3 a5 23. Nd2 Bf8 24. f4 g6 25. h5 Bg7 26. Bc2 Qb7 27. Qd3 Qa6 28. a3 Rb2 29. Ba4 Qb7 30. Bb5 Nb6 31. Ne4 a4   0-1

Well done Luke.  Scott Mulligan from Rathmines brought home the deciding point, and its a measure of how strong Irish Junior Chess currently  is, when Ireland were recognised as the team of the tournament across the age ranges. Congratulations to everyone involved.


Danny Dwyer, Rudolf Tirziman & Luke Scott have just returned from Prague, where they were Ireland’s representatives in the European Youth Championships.

Competition was indeed fierce, with Danny scoring 3.5/9 in the under 12 age category. Rudolf scored 2/9 with Luke obtaining 3/9 in the under 18’s section. Its a measure of the strength of competition, when they played near to their grading throughout. 

Well done Guys, we’re all proud of you!

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