ICU Online Event For March 23 Week

A lot of our club members have attended the ICU online Blitz last Saturday. It is arena tournament, so you can play about 12-15 games in 2 hours time. A lot of fun!

This week ICU will organise online tournament every day! It is a good chance to practice the tactic and the opening preparation. Please check the link for each tournament and the password.

We will have daily events on this week. Full details below: ICU Blitz 3/0 PW: ICUBlitz

ICU 3 Checks Championships PW : 3Checks 24/03 6pm

Irish 960 Championships PW: 960 25/03 6pm

Irish Bullet Championships PW: ICUBullet 26/03 7pm

Irish Antichess Championships 2/0 PW: Antichess 27/03 6pm

Irish Chess Marathon, 3hours of 3 mins + 2seconds increment PW: ICUBlitz 28/03 3pm



    • Hi, this kind of online tournament is open to anybody. As long as you see the link for any tournament and its password shared on this website, you can just click and join the tournament.


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