Grand Prix 1 – Nathan victorious!!

***** STOP PRESS**** today we held the first in the Grand Prix series of junior individual tournament events. Over the season we wil run five different Grand Prix tournaments. See the event calendar (across the page) to see the dates for the next Grand Prix events.

You can play in as many of these events as you wish. However only your three best scores out of the five GP events counts for your score. This means that anyone missing one or two of the GP events is not disadvantaged. They can still win the GP series!

Due to time constraints today, this GP1 event (September) was held using a 5 minute time control, over 5 rounds.

Today, Nathan won with a score of 5 out of 5. Congratulations!


Grand Prix 1
Nr. Name tot
1 Nathan 5
2 Alex 4
3 Quin 3.5
4 Abilash 3.5
5 Jakub 3.5
6 Ameya 3
7 Marcus 3
8 Sean 3
9 Aaron 2.5
10 Christopher 2.5
11 Shivansh 2
12 Adam C 2
13 Jasmine 2
14 Roman 2
15 Daniel 2
16 Matthew Grehan 2
17 Matthew 1.5
18 Ella 1
19 David 1
20 Caitlin 1
21 Chanelle 1

Our volunteers

GP 1 was directed and controlled by Angelo, Susan and John Delaney. Many thanks for this work, it was greatly appreciated by the junior players!

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